Expectation leads to Encounter – Ruth 2:

Expectation leads to Encounter – Ruth 2:1-13
We need to live lives of an expectation of favour from the Lord.
An expectation of favour:
That says, ‘Let me go to the fields.’
What caused Ruth to say ‘Let me go’?
a. Information
The Levitical laws commanded the harvesters to leave behind a portion of the crop including the edges of the fields of grain to be collected by the needy, the helpless, the poor and the traveller.
Ruth did not let the shock of her unexpected events or her grief at what she had lost keep her away from what she could be doing in gleaning the fields.
It is so much easier to stay in bed and wait for destiny to knock at your door than it is to get up and do what you can do.
Ruth went into the fields because she knew that that was what she could do. Maybe Naomi told her about this clause in the Levitical law. But knowing something isn’t good enough. Information is not enough, revelation is great but if there is no application of the information then so what?
Sometimes we can read too many books and hear too many sermons! Some sermons need to be preached in the same way containing the same message week after week until people live in the light of them.
What do you know? If you didn’t receive anything new from God’s Word for the rest of your life but just did what He has already told you then your life would probably still be transformed for the better.
Daily prayer times, reading the Bible, meditating on His Word, loving other people, giving 10% of your income and giving offerings on top of that, telling people about Jesus, worshipping Him, being filled with the Holy Spirit, faith and trust, obedience and holiness. We know so much!
Ruth acted on what she knew.

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