You are worth more than that! – Ruth 3:

You are worth more than that! – Ruth 3: 1-9
Go v3
Everyone needs someone who will lean up close and say, ‘Don’t be average, don’t settle for mediocrity, don’t think like the status quo, aim far higher than what is expected of you, and go for it!’
• Go and risk being criticised.
V9 reveals that Ruth was not trying to seduce him but to request his hand in marriage.
“Boaz had a good time, eating and drinking his fill – he felt great. Then he went off to get some sleep, lying down at the end of a stack of barley. Ruth quietly followed; she lay down to signal her availability for marriage. In the middle of the night the man was suddenly startled and sat up. Surprise! This woman asleep at his feet! He said, “And who are you?” She said, “I am Ruth, your maiden; take me under your protecting wing. You’re my close relative, you know, in the circle of covenant redeemers – you have the right to marry me.” V7-9. The Message.
Her intentions were honourable. However, there may have been some who wouldn’t see it like that. She’s washed, perfumed and has her best clothes on and in she walks. Ruth is risking being criticised from the other harvesters and gleaners of seducing a sugar-daddy for the promise of wealth. Criticism is part and parcel of becoming all that you can become. To move from insignificance to your destiny will mean risking the critics who are either jealous or misunderstand your motivation. If you stop at every turn to explain your actions to everyone, you may never get started and the desire to please people will prove to be a snare.

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