Pain in Nigeria Having just returned fro

Pain in Nigeria

Having just returned from the north of Nigeria I am once again musing over the Christian believers who every day face the battle to live for Christ and often to live for him has meant they have had to die for him.
I was privileged to hear from those who live with the constant threat of Boko Haram, they live amongst them though BH remain hidden amongst the shadows.
I heard of the bravery of the Chibok girls, the majority still in captivity, but many had escaped their hell by fleeing or being rescued. Every day they faced their torment at the hands of evil men. It was and is always a privilege to be in these places.

I returned home to the news that Barnados have been given 3 million pounds to deal with what the Jay report found in that 1,400 children were abused by gangs of men, mainly of Pakistani origin, between 1997 and 2013.
Whether overseas or here in the UK; whether in your neighbourhood or workplace, people remain trapped by many things. Not all of them are the horrors of man, but nevertheless they can leave people paralysed.
We all have a daily opportunity to help.
Let me ask you to read just one verse today: 1 Samuel 23:16 “Jonathan went to David at Horeb and helped him find strength in God.”
Can you remember stepping into someone’s pain? Or leaving your road of victory and walking with them on the road marked with suffering?
Can you remember when you last came alongside someone?
Can you remember when you last prayed for someone saying, “I believe in you. You will make it. Together we will do this. We will overcome.”
This is mission. You’re in it or you’re not.

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