The spirit of generosity – part 3 Do you

The spirit of generosity – part 3

Do you have it?

Luke 5: 1-6, 10-11

The problem was that the work of Jesus had grown so much that a large crowd were pushing in towards him to hear him more clearly. There was no where for Jesus to be elevated, no stage for him to stand on.
However, there was Simon’s failed fishing boat.
Jesus got into that boat and used it to be a successful pulpit.

Simon had the spirit of generosity which allowed Jesus to re-use what had been a failure that night.

What has failed in your life?
Where are the disappointments?
It is not that you didn’t try but for some reason that prayer wasn’t answered the way you wanted.

Some people say to me:
“I don’t do that anymore. I don’t get involved. The best days are over. I don’t believe I’m useful anymore.”
They shut down their generosity.
They no longer say yes.
They are contained, locked up, shut down.

Jesus wants to get into our boats of failure, our boats of past promises. He will re-use them.

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