WASH FEET or clear the dog deposits! Joh

WASH FEET or clear the dog deposits!

John 13

Jesus and his disciples are going for dinner.
The roads are dusty, their feet are dirty. No one wants to be near smelly feet. No one wants someone’s feet to be anywhere near their food. On these low dinner tables that is exactly what would have happened without the foot washer.
Every home had a foot washer.

Many years ago, I led a church into a building into the centre of the town. I loved this church, people and building! Every Sunday morning I would go down to the building very early to pray over the pews (later the chairs!) as if I was praying for the people themselves, they usually sat in the same place so it was easy to visualise!
One of the very first Sunday mornings I went to the church and approaching the side door noticed a town dog had deposited something not very nice on the step! I duly stepped over it deciding that prayer was more important. I went into the building and began petitioning God for the people, wanting a great day, wanting God to move etc. But I couldn’t get this picture of the deposit (not sure what to call it in a devotional blog!) out of my mind. I kept trying to press in with prayer but it was just there on the step of the church. I had thought about leaving it for my assistant to clear it (good training I thought!). But I was beginning to hear the direction of God to go and do what I should have done when I first entered. So I did.

When Jesus enters the room and starts eating the meal he notices no one has stooped down to become great.
So he does what they should have done.
Today, do what you should do. Become great.
Tomorrow, I will tell you more.

That time of the year again! If you like me and like my blogs then have a look at this and if you like then help me!

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