Acts 1:23 So they proposed two men: Jose

Acts 1:23

So they proposed two men: Joseph called Barsabbas (also known as Justus) and Matthias.

Two men, both suitable candidates. Both had been with the group from the beginning. Both were witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus. Both could have been the replacement.
One was nominated and went through the whole of the what might be what might not be routine and found out that actually he was not chosen.

Nearly there. Down to the final 2. But you don’t make it.
What do you do when it looks like you nearly got there but didn’t? Where do you go?
Do you enter a life of insignificance, unnoticed, not mentioned again, as with Justus? Well this is also what happened to Matthias. Both are never mentioned again.
The point is not where you are going but where you have been. They had been with Jesus. It didn’t matter if they became a leading apostle or not an apostle at all. They knew they were there from the time Jesus came and went. They were a witness and that was all that was important.
Today you may be promoted and you may also miss your promotion. But it is not important. We so often listen to vision and dreams as they are displayed as being of the utmost importance. But they are not. Where you have been is more important to where you are going.
Have you been to Jesus?

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