Acts 2:6 When they heard this sound, a c

Acts 2:6

When they heard this sound, a crowd came together in bewilderment, because each one heard them speaking in his own language.

This verse shows us that through the ability of the Spirit the church began to praise God in unlearned languages that could be understood by man. It’s not the ‘tongues’ that many would use today which is not understandable but a heavenly prayer language.

Many have testified of having this Pentecost experience on hearing their own language from someone who has never learnt it but simply thought they were speaking in tongues. It does happen today and I am amazed when I hear of it.

The majority world spoke Greek due to the expansion of Alexander the Great’s kingdom. However they also had their own local language.
Their bewilderment was over the fact that they heard the praises to God not in Greek but their own language.
Today I think of my missionaries in Nigeria who are involved in the much needed work of Bible translation. The joy of anyone hearing the good news in their own understandable language is a brilliant experience to witness.

The Church needs:
1. To have an attractive sound that is heard.
2. To cause those outside the Church to be amazed.
3. To be able to communicate in a language that is understood.

Is this possible?
With the Holy Spirit it is.

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