Acts 2:43 “Everyone was filled with awe

Acts 2:43
“Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles”.

Many young men and women offered to replace the Stams. One leader said “I personally know of hundreds of volunteers of all ages who gave their lives to the Lord for missionary service because of their death” A co-worker wrote to Betty’s parents “A life which had the longest span of years might not have been able to do 100th of the work for Christ which they have done in a day.”

Often awe (wonder) comes about because someone we know achieves or is involved in an activity that is beyond the natural understanding, it becomes outstanding.
For example, are many in the family of God who are suffering for their faith. Being in their presence I often have a sense of awe. They are still human but I have a huge respect for them for they teach me many things.
The Church needs to regain awe.
Here in the early church the awe (wonder) was of Christ. Their wonder of Him led to Him doing more wonders with them. That in itself is the miracle.
May we all have that sense of wonder of Jesus and may it never leave us.

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