Acts 2:45 “Selling their possessions an

Acts 2:45

“Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need”.

Slow this down and it dawns on you how remarkable this is. Selling what they had or what they could make not for themselves but for others, for anyone, to meet needs.
These were giving people.
Luke says ‘they gave’.
We don’t need more givers. We need more people with the spirit of generosity.
John Wesley lived on £28 pa as a student in the 1720s. When his income rose to £30 he gave £2 away. When it rose to £60 he lived in £28 and gave £32 away. When it rose to £90 he gave £62 away. From the sale of books alone he gave between £30-£40,000.
When he died he left £6, 6 silver spoons and 129,000 Methodists! That is the joy of effective generosity.
‘To anyone’. Such was their spirit of generosity that the criteria for giving was the need of a person. They may not have known who the person was, they could have been anyone. They just gave. Today, we need to know everything about who we are giving to and we need to have control of what our money is being used for. A lot of that is good as it has its roots in the fairness of charity money. But it sometimes fights against the spirit of generosity.
The church needs this to return for the need is plentiful.

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