Acts 3: 5 So the man gave them his atten

Acts 3: 5

So the man gave them his attention, expecting to get something from them.

Right motives are often honed and developed.
People come to Jesus not because they want to surrender all but because they think He can heal them, deliver them, provide for them, help them.
If we wait for people to come with the right motives then our churches will be empty, our evangelistic opportunities rare and we will be increasingly frustrated.
The beggar had one thing in mind when he looked at Peter and John, it was money.
That’s all he thought he needed. He had long ago lost hope of what he really needed. All he had now was survival-mode.
However, he did have expectancy and that we need to applaud.
The beggar had a strong belief that he would get. It showed in his call, in his posture and in his reach. Those with no expectancy don’t call, they don’t sit up and they never reach.

So next time you want to knock someone’s motives for the gospel and for Jesus, praise them instead for their expectancy, even if what they are expecting is trivial to what Jesus is going to give them!
Right motives do eventually come.

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