Acts 3:14 “You disowned the Holy and Ri

Acts 3:14

“You disowned the Holy and Righteous One and asked that a murderer be released to you.”

Jesus is the Holy and Righteous One, not me.
To realise this is like a heavy weight lifting off the shoulders.

The Jews brought the charge against Jesus, but the Roman law said he was innocent.
Jesus in my today would still be found innocent of any wrongdoing, in work, leisure, home, unlike me.

The Jews accused him of blasphemy and offence against God but the only people offended were the Jew not God.
Jesus in my today would still have no fences between Him and God, unlike me.

Jesus was just. He kept the religious law, he fulfilled it. The commandments and the teachings of Moses, Jesus kept.
Jesus in my today would keep every commandment in deed and heart and mind, unlike me.

The “unlike me” is written because it is true and I see it in Peter’s response.
I am not seeing an angry Peter but someone who is quiet but serious in tone. How do I see that?
Peter repeats the same word that he said in verse 13. “Disown”.
That’s his word, that’s his story, that’s his failure too. He was not accusing them angrily and trying badly to hide his own failings. He was and will always be known as the denier. Peter is saying “unlike me”.

Holiness and righteousness is a gift given to us by Jesus, but we don’t own it, we have not achieved it, we have not accredited it by some good behaviour.
When it comes to the passing of judgment on another person we are often loud. Like the crowd before Barabbas, “Release him!” And before Jesus, “Away with him!” In our quickness and loudness we are often wrong.

Jesus is Holy, unlike me.
Jesus is Righteous, unlike me.
All I need to do is own Jesus, belong to Him. I don’t hold the badge of who He is, I hold the badge of belonging to who He is.
He is unlike me and that is what gives me freedom.

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