Acts 3:18 “But this is how God fulfille

Acts 3:18

“But this is how God fulfilled what he had foretold through all the prophets, saying that his Christ would suffer.”

I read yesterday that there are 354 prophecies regarding Jesus birth, life, death and resurrection. That’s an incredible amount. Though of course people like the Jews didn’t interpret these prophecies the way God told them. They were ignorant, v17.
For example, the suffering Servant in Isaiah was not the Messiah, it was their nation Israel.
What people don’t understand about Christmas is that it is celebrating what was foretold. This is the most powerful word of Christmas for me.
It helps me realise that God was, is and will be in charge of my life as He was for Jesus.
No surprise (His birth) and no suffering (His death) will ever be unknown by God.
In your preparation during this advent make sure you pause on the many scenes of the Christmas story and speak the word ‘foretold’ thanking God that who you are and where you are has always been known by Him.

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