Acts 3:26 “When God raised up his serva

Acts 3:26

“When God raised up his servant, he sent him first to you to bless you by turning each of you from your wicked ways.”

Jesus the servant. This shows us that Jesus followed the plan and purposes of His Father. God in flesh followed and obeyed the commands of the God of heaven.
This Christmas as you serve others remember you are serving Him.

Jesus sent. To send indicates purpose. He didn’t meander into this world.
Last night I was on the phone to a friend who told me his wife had gone to the neighbours houses with the Christmas cards. It is a small thing but intentional based on love and caring enough to go. This Christmas find that voice again which gave you that first sense of being sent into your world.

Jesus for all. Being sent “first to you” would indicate there is a second. He came to the Jews. But here we see Peter maybe not fully realising it yet but that Jesus came to the non-Jew as well.
Wouldn’t it be lovely if this Christmas you believed you were sent to the whomsoever? The next person you see. That’s who you are sent to.

Jesus the blesser. Blessing is not always what his followers bring the world. Some of them like to shout and declare, rant and condemn. I recently visited a church and a member grabbed me at the end of the service to inform me that what Britain needs is judgment. I happen to think my nation needs blessing from Jesus. This Christmas I would much rather spend time with those who bless than those who judge, wouldn’t you? Be one of those blessers, be like Jesus.

Jesus the attraction. So how does Jesus bless? He blesses by attracting people to him. Like a magnet he pulls people from their paths of life to His path.
Christmas is attractive. But let Christ rise as the supreme attraction this year. In your parties and celebrations don’t forget to turn to Him. He is calling you even today to come to Him.

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