Acts 4:9 “If we are being called to acc

Acts 4:9

“If we are being called to account today for an act of kindness shown to a cripple and are asked how he was healed,”

There it is right in the middle of this verse, I haven’t seen it here before, an “act of kindness”.
I remember when pastoring my Church we would set aside a month for ‘random acts of kindness’ and it was so encouraging to see people who perhaps were previously shy in evangelism suddenly realise it is not hard to be a witness, just be kind.
Kindness is to step aside from your life to engage in another’s.
Kindness is to come down, not in a patronising way, but in a selfless manner.
Kindness is not to hold on to what you have but to empty yourself so that others can hold what they have never held.
Kindness is to move across the room, to leave the room, to walk across the street, to journey, crossing borders and cultures very different to your own.
Kindness is humility.
Kindness attracts the dirt and the mess of life.
Kindness is good news to the poor and a release to those who are held back.
Kindness opens eyes, lifts burdens off people and helps the cripple stand again.
Kindness can often be misunderstood and even criticised.
Kindness can be killed off but kindness will still keep coming back.
Kindness came and Kindness will come again.
The birth of Jesus, the Act of Kindness, nothing random about that.

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