God was before it happened Acts 4: 28 “

God was before it happened Acts 4: 28

“They did what your power and will had decided beforehand should happen.”

The word power is what the Old Testament continually uses but as the ‘hand of God’. So many of the stories of the Bible have God’s hand being stretched out to change a circumstance, to make something happen. His hand moves according to what He has purposed before. He never does anything that does not comply to what His good and perfect will strategically planned beforehand. Sometimes His hand is moving forward, sometimes it is pulled away to allow an event to take place for His glory and sometimes patiently still, strengthening those within the event. But nevertheless His hand is there, His power is with us.
So now, whoever the enemy is, whoever is your Herod or Pilate, a person, a circumstance, an illness, it was decided beforehand. Not by some devil but by your God. Decided upon by His power and will.
Can you say this:
God allowed this and God will sustain me in it or He will move powerfully to change it. Can you say that today?
I’m not interested in any devil. My focus is on Him.
He is far more involved in my life than any devil.

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