‘Stretch your hands out’ prayer. Acts

‘Stretch your hands out’ prayer. Acts 4:30

“Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.”

4 words that are so powerful in the Bible, ‘Stretch out your hand’.
It might be that today you need to pray this simple prayer.
You might need figuratively for the earth to swallow the enemy that you are facing right now (Exodus 15:12) or for its authority to be reduced (Exodus 16:27).
You might need saving (Psalm 138:7)
Do not underestimate the hand of God, it has the ability to wipe away nations of people, (Exodus 9:15)
Even Satan knows the power of Gods hand, though he hadn’t anticipated Job’s resolve.

But maybe your prayer should be about agreeing to stretch out your own hand in faith? Maybe God is asking you to believe that His hand can cause your hand to do what may seem unlikely?
God told Moses to stretch out his hand seven times in the deliverance of His people.
To the man with a withered hand Jesus commands him to stretch out his hand for healing (Matthew 12:13)

Finally, maybe the stretching of your hand is not about miracles and your faith doing what cannot be done. But maybe it is about the surrender of your life? Maybe it is about giving to God everything, your very last breath even?
Prophesying how Peter will die, Jesus said he would stretch out his hands at the end of his life. (John 21:18)

So what will your prayer be?
Stretch out your hand.
Is that for God to move powerfully? Or for you to do something that you haven’t done before? Or is that to agree to the surrender of your life?
Whatever it is, the four words will be powerful when you pray and however you pray them.

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