Grace and Power Acts 4: 33 “With great p

Grace and Power
Acts 4: 33 “With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all.”

Grace is loving-kindness and favour.
Grace makes you become all that you can become. Grace releases the potential in the person.
“Treat a man as he appears to be and you make him worse. But treat a man as if he already were what he potentially could be, and you make him what he should be.” Goethe.
God doesn’t love us, speak to us, touch our lives, listen to us as we are right now, but according to our potential. As He does that and as we embrace this grace we become what we should be.

What is the worst thing that you have ever done or made plans to do?
How do you recover from that?
When the sin and shame is such that you cannot sweep it under the carpet as in days gone by? Is it over?
Have you lost so much that you might as well quit life altogether? These are real feelings.
But it is NO, for it is at that time that grace steps in.
A grace that is unfair, that seems unjust, a grace that feels like pretence, a cover-up and worst still a grace that would make it look like the bad thing was worthwhile because it turned out so good.

We need great power. When there is no way God will make a way. Through success and failure, a number of options to no options, ill health, redundancy, divorce, heartache after heartache, God will bring you through. But this power is also influence.
The world believes in the power of influence.
It is simply not true that if the cause is good enough, people will automatically buy into it and follow accordingly. People follow people of influence who promote worthwhile causes.
We need the Holy Spirit to so permeate our lives that we become people of influence.
So the prayer is indeed “more grace and more power Lord!”

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