Coming out. Acts 5:12 “The apostles per

Coming out.
Acts 5:12
“The apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders among the people. And all the believers used to meet together in Solomon’s Colonnade.”

The Temple wasn’t anything like what we imagine it to be. It certainly wasn’t like perhaps your church building with a hall size room and smaller rooms to the side. The Temple was vast with many sections. Almost like a conference size centre. It was easy to find a space to hold a gathering of people. However, you could not hide. Whatever happened in the Temple eventually everyone would find out.
The church began to meet in Solomon’s Colonnade. they chose not to hide away. They could have gone anywhere. An upper room, behind locked doors, into some Galilean valley, out of sight out of mind. But no, they decided to be in the face of the population.
Solomon’s Colonnade, a grandiose place with high pillars making an inner walkway within the temple courts, the venue for loud praises, fervent praying, miraculous healings, lots of jumping, leaping and praising God moments!
It is time surely for the church to come out of its buildings where only the church ventures and to be in the face of its community.
As a child I grew up in the Salvation Army where every Sunday time would be spent doing ‘open air’ work on the streets of our town. This consisted of loud band music, singing and testimonies through a megaphone. I often prayed that God wouldn’t allow our noise to awake my friends to come and see our performance. A prayer He often ignored.
But yes it is time for the church to come out into the open. Surely this is the mission. However, once in the face of the community we had better have something we can do that will be for their benefit. Let us turn our signs and wonders happening on us Christians whilst getting blessed in our nice Christian buildings into signs and wonders on mission outside the church building in the face of the people. Now that’s called coming out.

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