Jealousy Acts 5:17 “Then the high pries

Acts 5:17
“Then the high priest and all his associates, who were members of the party of the Sadducees, were filled with jealousy.”

What fills you will flow from you.
Luke particularly is keen in his writings to speak of ‘filling’.
So he wrote of a man filled with leprosy in Luke 5:12.
In Acts 2:2 he wrote that the sound like a violent wind filled the whole house.
We have just seen how Peter in 5:3 asked Ananias why Satan had filled his heart.
The word ‘filling’ then that Luke uses indicates that this is not something that occurs on the inside but flows out of and effects the shape and destiny of that person’s life.
We may have all experienced jealousy at some point in our lives. But did we let it dominate us?
You see what consumes you will plot your course.
The high priest and his religious leaders saw the excitement of the crowds gathering around the church and it would lead them to action. This jealousy was centred around their understanding of the law of God. They were zealous for the law and would do anything to protect it. They were jealous that all they could see were their people drifting from the truth. Today we live with religious terrorists who believe they are protecting the law of God by committing hideous crimes. On a much lesser scale but still destructive some will wake to another day of battling this enemy.
Here are 7 helps I have learned.
1. Be thankful for what you have.
2. Learn to celebrate other people’s successes.
3. Stay healthy physically (you can do this, it is not complicated) and mentally (think well, keep destroying negatives)
4. Something has to die to kill jealousy and it has to be your surrender, let it go.
5. Inject new inspiration into your life either through culture, arts, music, books etc.
6. Serve somebody, love your way through this season.
7. Don’t feed the jealousy, don’t find sympathisers, stay away from those who will keep you locked in.

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