What do people think of you? Acts 6:6 “

What do people think of you?
Acts 6:6

“They presented these men to the apostles, who prayed and laid their hands on them.”

Last year I introduced a new appraisal system for my staff which involved part self-evaluation, my evaluation of them but also comments from their peers, their team members.
Of course I was running the risk of a mutiny and world war 3 breaking out but I did it because I feel it is so more empowering when you hear what your peers say about you than just those you work for.

These 7 men were presented to the apostles for appointment by people who knew them well.
I think we underestimate the importance of what people think about us.
What you are at home is really important.
Whether or not you are a diligent worker does count.
Whether people think you are nice or obnoxious, easy to get on with or someone to be avoided, these are not just opinions, they are valuable observations.
I don’t think congregational-style leadership is very effective and if Jesus used that approach then we would have a completely different set of disciples! However, a lot less mistakes would happen when it comes to appointments being made if we asked not the boss but their colleagues what they thought of you.
How are you rated at home?
What does the person sat at the desk next to you think of your work?
What do your neighbours think?
It does matter.

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