We don’t need a devil. Acts 6:9 “Oppos

We don’t need a devil.
Acts 6:9
“Opposition arose, however, from members of the Synagogue of the Freedmen (as it was called)-Jews of Cyrene and Alexandria as well as the provinces of Cilicia and Asia. These men began to argue with Stephen”

It is disturbing where opposition comes from sometimes.
The Freedmen were Jewish slaves set free in Rome who had most probably gained Roman citizenship and then had come back home to Jerusalem. They formed a synagogue where they could worship God in Greek.
They had known hardship having been captured by the enemy, they had experienced the grace of God by being set free and now they were home opposing Stephen, a man of grace.

It is disturbing how opposition can become so infectious. Four more Jewish centres joined in. They agreed with the complaint. So after worshipping God Almighty they joined forces to attack Stephen, a man of power.

It is disturbing how opposition is birthed. It didn’t come from an environment of failure. (Actually the reason why the Church sometimes is in such a bad state is because people failed to rise up at times of bad leadership and they became far too passive and their church is now in decline). No, it rose during a time of the Spirit moving in great signs and wonders among the people.

What was happening within the Jewish synagogues sadly does happen in some Churches all over the world today.

Sometimes the Church doesn’t need a devil, it can do the work for him.
People who have received grace attacking people of grace.
People trusting God’s power influencing others to doubt His power.
People seeing a move of God but not seeing it.
And then back we go to worship God to the applause of our devil who says “well done, I couldn’t have done better myself!”

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