Leaders that empty Acts 6:12 “So they s

Leaders that empty
Acts 6:12

“So they stirred up the people and the elders and the teachers of the law. They seized Stephen and brought him before the Sanhedrin.”

I heard today of how a leader of a church recently led the majority of his people out of his denomination. They all followed him.
It reminded me of the Church where I Pastored for many years where in the early 1980s the Pastor at that time did the same thing and joined another church stream declaring that they were now the true church. The church survived and today no one would know how difficult those days were.
It is relatively easy to stir people up.
It is easy to agitate.
All well and good if it is to turn sleepy people into action.
But so often it is to bring conflict.
One conversation that’s all it takes and suddenly people can be seizing their blessings and throwing them away.
Stephen their amazing deacon, full of grace and power, moving in the gifts of the Spirit is now under threat of being removed of good. All because the people were stirred up by leaders who should know better.
Leaders who stir can often see their crown or reward (the meaning of the name Stephen) being seized from them. They want control and justice and they end up losing grace and power.

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