We know where He is! Acts 7:2 “To this

We know where He is!
Acts 7:2
“To this he replied: “Brothers and fathers, listen to me! The God of glory appeared to our father Abraham while he was still in Mesopotamia, before he lived in Haran.”

Stephen begins to defend the person of Jesus. The Sanhedrin did not recognise Jesus at all. They did not see Jesus as the visible, physical appearance of God on earth. John wrote in the first few verses of his gospel that he and others had seen the glory of God in Jesus but the Sanhedrin clearly hadn’t.

The Sanhedrin were attacking Stephen because they heard he was slandering the Temple, the very place they believed the glory of God presided. It was in the Temple and no place else where God was. Not in any other building, or place in the world or a person who is now not here.

Stephen not disrespecting them reminds them of the father of their faith, Abraham and how even before he was called, before he set out for the promised land, before he received the incredible covenant, before he became the father of many nations saw the glory of God in a place far away. It was in Mesopotamia that he first encountered the glory of God. The book of Genesis tells us that the place he lived was Ur. It was a place where there were many gods worshipped, but the main god was the moon god.
One day Abraham made a decision based on a revelation of God. He would no longer go along with polytheism but embrace monotheism, one God.
So in a place of many gods Abraham received the glory of the God.
We cannot ever say God is not here or there.
His glory, His presence is in places and on people we would never have imagined. Stephen knows this in order to show that the presence of God is never restricted to one place or one person.
Never say the glory is not there. The glory is probably where you least expect it to be.

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