The Living years Acts 7:6 “God spoke to

The Living years
Acts 7:6
“God spoke to him in this way: ‘Your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own, and they will be enslaved and ill-treated for four hundred years.”

God is willing to see 4 generations go by before His promise is fulfilled. He is not in a hurry. He can and He does wait.
400 years of listening to people groan under the weight of oppression. 400 years of injustice and maltreatment. There is no mission to save or to alleviate the suffering. What about the children, the poor, the starving? Where is the mercy?
We all love the bigger picture so long as we are not effected by it. We want to be the centre of the picture. We want to be what the picture is all about. We don’t want to be part of a story, we want to be the story. Well, we are not. We are part of HIS story. Sometimes we are placed into situations that are not our destiny, it is not where we were created to be, we are strangers, aliens. This is not our home. This can be a place of suffering but we don’t belong here. We can spend all our lives under the oppression of an enemy and know no freedom from it. Why would God allow this? Because HIStory doesn’t revolve around you. You are part of something bigger.
Can you imagine in eternity meeting someone who lived during this verse 6? What would you say to them? How did you survive? How did you hold on? Did you feel God with you during this time?
These kind of questions can be asked today of the millions of people who are living under the presence of the enemy right now. Their lives are not purposeless, without meaning. It may well feel like that but someone has to tell them to hold on, this is not their country. This is not what they were created for. These are not the living years but life will indeed come to them one day. God knows about this day.

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