The cut. Acts 7: 8 “Then he gave Abraha

The cut.
Acts 7: 8
“Then he gave Abraham the covenant of circumcision. And Abraham became the father of Isaac and circumcised him eight days after his birth. Later Isaac became the father of Jacob, and Jacob became the father of the twelve patriarchs.”

We all know what circumcision is. The covenant of circumcision was simply the outward symbol of an inward truth that Abraham and his descendants would be God’s people and He will be their God.

But it wasn’t long before the prophets and then the apostles were realising that the outward symbol was not enough. Today the outward sign of belonging to God maybe as some think, water baptism. Or perhaps other things like the Lord’s Supper. Do these or other things indicate a person belongs to God? It’s not enough of course. Yesterday in church there will have been people sitting in the same seat that they have sat in for years with the same face and the same behaviour. They have been baptised and they take communion faithfully, they have the badge of belonging but do they belong?
Moses called for people to circumcise their hearts. Jeremiah called for people to circumcise their hearts before the Lord. Paul would later say that circumcision is one done by the Spirit.

As we enter this Holy Week may our hearts be cut. May we be broken. Like Mary breaking the alabaster jar. Let us come to the feet of Jesus and recommit ourselves, break our lives, give the Lord the centre of our being, our heart, mind, will. It will hurt us, any cut does.

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