Famine Thursday Acts 7: 11 “Then a fami

Acts 7: 11

“Then a famine struck all Egypt and Canaan, bringing great suffering, and our fathers could not find food.”

1845-1853 Great Famine in Ireland, 1.5 million dead.
1907 Chinese famine, 25 million dead.
1921 Famine in Russia, 5 million dead.
1932-1933 Great famine in China, 43 million dead.
1943 Famine in Bengal, 7 million dead.
1945 Famine in Vietnam, 2 million dead.
1994-1998 Famine in North Korea, 3 million dead.

In all of these famines and there are so many more to speak of there are clear similarities:

1. Adverse conditions and circumstances fuelled the famine.
eg war, poor communication, corruption.
2. Ideology: beliefs and opinions that have slowed down aid, the liaises-faire approach preventing intervention from governments.
3. Apathy: political and social.
4. Religious belief that it was God’s punishment.

There is another famine going on today. There is a famine for food, spiritual food. We see it all around us. Empty lives devoid of the truth of God’s Word. Churches that are empty of people and empty of life. You may not belong to one of these but you know they exist.
We have become experts at pointing fingers at the myriad of sins that are related to immoral behaviour and not at the areas that actually are equally as important to God?
We scorn the fornicator and the drunkard but not the person whose heart is full of greed and scorn.
Why is there famine?
Read the 4 reasons again, they apply to the spiritual famine.
Let me put them in another way:
1. The divisions of man
2. The opinions of man
3. The apathy of man
4. The judgment of man

The invitation this Easter is to become a living sacrifice. There is room on the cross for you. Nailed, stripped of all dignity, at the end of it all, where we hand over our lives to Him, into your hands I commit my spirit. We need to be crucified with Christ. We need the famine to kill our flesh so that our spirit can live on. May there be such sacrifice this Easter.

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