Remembering the yesterday people. Acts 7

Remembering the yesterday people.
Acts 7:15
“Then Jacob went down to Egypt, where he and our fathers died.”

Jacob and his sons including Joseph all died in Egypt. The Israelites went into Canaan after they had died. The generation didn’t see Canaan but they were part of the Canaan story. In fact, Canaan would never have happened if they hadn’t lived and died in Egypt.

Alan, Doris, Tony, Elizabeth, Steve, Terry, Zena, Margaret, Ken, Roy, Betty, Gladys, Fred, Vera, Mary, Mrs Lawes (I only referred to her by her surname!). I buried all these people and more in the past. The Church where I Pastored saw more moves of God after they died than before and they still do.
However, they were all part of the story. If they had not lived, if they had not served in the Church, then the story would have been much different.

Think today of those who have died. But how they influenced you and the story of your life, of your Church.
Make an effort to keep their story alive. For it is not only about now that counts. Sometimes I listen to people or read things on Facebook about some latest development as if it was the creation of the world that had taken place in that evening service. Though I am the first to rejoice in such moves of God and we certainly need them, perspective is needed. Honour the past. Now could never exist without yesterday.
Who do you remember?

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