The next move of God Acts 7:17 “As the

The next move of God
Acts 7:17
“As the time drew near for God to fulfil his promise to Abraham, the number of our people in Egypt greatly increased.”

When the time draws near to the move of God two things can appear:
The situation can become even more difficult.
The situation can become more obvious for what He will do.
Both situations can be wrong in their predictions.

God’s people had been increasing in number dramatically. If God was going to get them out then this was looking more and more unlikely. Evacuating twelve families perhaps but to lead millions is another things altogether.

However if the thought was that God was going to powerfully work through His people and they were going to overcome the Egyptian army and defeat them then increasing in size was not only good and necessary but it was also a sign that He was going to do this amazing thing anytime soon.

Of course, we know the story. We know that the answer was and is never found in the size of a population or the skill and expertise of man.
The answer is in the timing of God. Often the story is only truly known as we look back. Much of the story is walked by faith and you have no clue of when God will move or how He will do it.

So take your eyes off what appears too difficult but also “it’s obvious” should not be given too much attention either. Get your eyes back on God and wait. He is a God of surprises.

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