The Cull. Acts 7:19 “He dealt treachero

The Cull.

Acts 7:19
“He dealt treacherously with our people and oppressed our forefathers by forcing them to throw out their newborn babies so that they would die.”

The enemy of your life will always try and cut off your future.
The new Pharaoh wanted to stop a rising generation. He wanted to end the people of God by decreasing its population. So a cull was put in place.
A cull in animal terms is to remove in order to control the population.
Your Pharaoh wants to control your output. He doesn’t mind you focusing on maintaining what you have. He doesn’t mind the Church having and building their shiny Jerusalems and spending all their time within it. What Pharaoh doesn’t want is for you to leave your Jerusalem. He wants you focused on faithfulness as being the most important thing over that of output, of results. A faithful farmer will be a hungry faithful farmer if he has no harvest. No more souls saved, that is the aim of the Pharaoh and he will do whatever is needed to make sure that happens.
Where are the young people? Are you mentoring them? Do you have hope for tomorrow? Will your work carry on when you are not here anymore? Have you passed anything to the next generation? Hard questions maybe. Here is the toughest: has Pharaoh started a cull on your life?

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