Outside Acts 7: 21 “When he was placed

Acts 7: 21

“When he was placed outside, Pharaoh’s daughter took him and brought him up as her own son.”

Are you outside?
Left to one side?
Maybe you are not in employment, you feel left out. You have done all the applications, done the round of interviews but still you cannot secure a job.
Maybe you have been dumped. A horrible word. But that’s how you feel. He/she walked out on you. Or maybe they didn’t, maybe they still live with you, but a long time ago you started to feel on the outside.
Maybe the church put you outside. You did not fit their accepted practices. Their rule book meant you had to leave.
Maybe you escaped. Maybe like Moses there was no alternative. You had to go out and you have yet to come back in.
Maybe you simply do not feel you belong anywhere.
I am trying to think of all the scenarios, there are so many, but you have been placed outside.
What happens next?
I have found that the most unusual and shocking things can take place. The people you least expect. The people that some may say should not be 10 feet near you come to your aid.
Never reject those who help you on the outside for you may be rejecting angels.
Pharaohs daughter!
The daughter of the killer has now taken Moses inside. He is now living and growing up in the killers house!
Sometimes you have to be thrown out to get into the place where God destined you to be.
So be thankful for those who are your friends now. For those who love you now. No, it’s not perfect. It is not what you may have thought would happen. The story is crazy. But it is not over and one day you will look back and be thankful that the Author of your life knew what to do when you were placed outside.

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