Midian Acts 7:29 “When Moses heard this


Acts 7:29

“When Moses heard this, he fled to Midian, where he settled as a foreigner and had two sons.”

Moses realising that he couldn’t nor want to go back to Pharaoh and hearing that he would not be accepted by his own people runs away into the desert.
There are many in Midian today. There because of wrong decisions or perhaps they were rejected by people they loved.

We have all been in a desert experience. Recently I was skyping with one National leader who was telling me how one of his leaders had withdrawn. He was arriving late to the services, disengaged with decisions, he was there but he wasn’t. We have all had those times.

It may seem simple to get out of a desert. Just walk out the way you walked in. But of course it isn’t that simple when you fear what is the on the outside of that desert.

Moses did two interesting things:
a) he built a life for himself and started a family. He made a go of it.
b) he kept before himself that this wasn’t the place he was going to be, he settled as a foreigner, “this is not my place.”

Here’s some more help if you are in the desert:

How can you survive the desert?
1. Expect God to guide you through it, Jeremiah 2:6
2. Know you are not unknown. God does care, Hosea 13:5
3. Use the time to prepare for your future in God, Matthew 3:3
4. Resist the temptations that will be there, Matthew 4:1
5. Use this time to grow, Luke 1:80

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