Acts 7:56
“Look,” he said, “I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”

Stephen invites them to look. To see what he is seeing. But they were not for looking into heaven. Though heaven was open and Jesus was standing in the throne room, only Stephen was seeing.
Those in a fury of rage will never see what Stephen sees.
They can occupy the hierarchy, they can have many people looking at them through glassy eyes of envy, but they may not have good eyesight. They may be professionals of their industry, strategic leaders bringing strategic insights, working the seminar circuits of life having seen the world more than any other, but they cannot see what Stephen saw.
Better a poor man who can see heaven open than a rich man whose worldview is the earth.
One of the reasons for blindness is rage. It blinds you to heaven for you are so focused on seeking justice for how you were wronged, what has been said about you. Your opinions weigh you down into the mud and you cannot see when your head is not lifted.
This Earth is not everything. It will pass away. Be careful with your anger, don’t let it consume you.
Take your eyes off what people have done and lift them up today. Heaven is open, Jesus is waiting. He is standing waiting for you.

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