Elim message

Prophetic word from Alan Scott on Tuesday May 17th. Alan is the founding and leading pastor of the Causeway Coast Vineyard Church

ELIM you have excelled as a movement in mission and God is going to even increase in a larger missionary capacity in the days ahead and God is going to give you nations where you have not yet planted or sown. You are going to begin to capitalise even more missionaries and the days are coming when you are going to send more missionaries in the days ahead than you have sent in the days behind you. You are going to be again a catalytic mission-sending-into the nations movement and the Lord has given that upon you but at the same time as that begins to accelerate among you the Father is also going to birth compassion at the core of local churches because the ground roots of your movement is among the poor, among the broken in the cities that people forgot. This is the soil for which your movement flourished and God is beginning already, it’s already breaking out among you but the Father is birthing compassion in many of your churches in a fresh way in a new way and these two are going to I believe I submit to you flower together in your movement. Mission for things abroad and compassion at home where the Fathers love is revealed in the way that it is other centred and a whole new dimension. I believe where you find favour in mission you are going to begin to see fullness in compassion.

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