Acts 8:21

“You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God.”

Simon was baptised in water and he believed in Jesus and he became a follower of Philip. Now Peter says he has no part or share in this ministry.
How can someone be a worshipper within church, baptised member, learning from teachers and involved with evangelistic work and yet be outside of that what they supposedly are inside of?
The answer is the heart.
Everything on the outside, of what man sees can be right, but the heart, the motive can be wrong. Man does not see the motive, God does. But motive eventually comes through as it did when Simon requested to buy the gift of the Holy Spirits power.
Eventually the heart reveals itself. The heart is spoken of a lot on the Bible, it is he core, the centre of an individual.
How could David be a man after God’s own heart when he was a murderer, adulterer amongst other sinful actions? It is because his heart was humble, it wasn’t proud, it wasn’t self-seeking and it genuinely searched for God.
How can we make our hearts right? Only by making sure our motives are not for personal gain but for the benefit of others and the ultimate glory of God.
Love God, love others and live your life.

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