GO South

Acts 8:26
Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, “Go south to the road-the desert road-that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.”

However Philip he heard, he was convinced where he should go next. With an almost carbon copy of Jesus post-baptism directive, Philip is focused on the desert and Gaza. Now Gaza at that time had been conquered by Alexandria and was in ruins.
Philip was to go from the heights of seeing Samaria in revival to the desert and the ruins.
Friends today you will be going to Church services and it will be wonderful and God will be gracious and will touch the lives of His people. Maybe there will be people there in your Church who will find Him for the first time. But it is really tomorrow that counts.
For tomorrow God wants you to be reaching those people who are in their deserts and their ruins. You live in a dry and dusty land amongst people who have been overcome by the enemy.
What does God want you to do? Don’t worry about that just respond to Him. So many people want the fine details from God when all He wants is for them to GO.
GO next door, Go across the street, GO to work, GO further maybe, GO to another land, but GO, GO to those dry and broken.

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