I have been found!

Acts 9:33

“There he found a man named Aeneas, a paralytic who had been bedridden for eight years.”

In Greco-Roman mythology, Aeneas was a Trojan hero. But not this man. He was no Trojan hero, he was a bedridden man. His past was better than his present and there was no hope for the future. Aeneas lived in the shadow of his namesake, but he couldn’t do what others could do, never mind the hero.
I am sure he felt lost, forgotten and hopeless.
However, Peter found him.
The Church needs to find the lost today.
There are people who are paralysed in many ways and unless the Church comes to them life is over.
These people are not popular, high-brow, noble people in society. In fact for some no one knows where they are. They are away from the publicity. They are bedridden, they are in homes behind closed doors.
The Church will never find Aeneas inside their buildings, because he cannot get to them. He is in bed.
Who will you find today?

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