Are you in?

Are you in?

Acts 10:18
“They called out, asking if Simon who was known as Peter was staying there.”

Are you in?
“Yes but I’m not staying.”
“I’m just lodging. I am not here permanently”
Are you in?
“Yes and I am available.”
“Don’t stand at the gate. Come on in.”
Are you in?
“Yes I hear your call.”
“Here I am wholly available.”

Some people have lived in the same house in the same street in the same town all their life. I am always amazed when I meet someone who can say I have lived in this house all my life and it was my parents and grandparents home too!
It is easier for lodgers or renters of properties to move on than dwellers of family homes and owners.
But I speak symbolically …

Peter was lodging in this house and like Peter we are here only temporarily. This is not our home. There is more.
Hold your life lightly, don’t grab and possess, be flexible.

When we hear the call then we must respond.
A call will come. It is already at the gate of your life, it is that close.
Some are listening for an audible voice from God, they are so focused on Heaven they will miss the voice from Earth that was orchestrated from Heaven.
The voice of man can be the voice of God and that voice will call you far more than any angelic stringed ensemble with a ‘Thus saieth the Lord’. Ignore it and you just could be ignoring the one who sent the voice.
The question is ‘Are you in?’
Are you ready and available? Don’t ignore the voice of man today who calls you. It could be the turning point of your life.

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