This is it

This is it

Acts 10:20
“So get up and go downstairs. Do not hesitate to go with them, for I have sent them.”

God is not telling Peter that these men are not culturally acceptable people for the Jew.
God has already told Peter what He thinks about the clean and unclean. Peter will find out soon enough who these men are.
The important things for Peter to know are:
a. He should GO
b. He should not doubt.
c. He is in the plan of God.

Perhaps when Peter heard this he may have wondered why he would be tempted to hesitate to go with them. However, God prepared him before he met these Gentiles.
So these important things are actually:
a. He should GO to the Gentiles.
b. He should not look at them in the way that others may do, he should not hesitate based on the colour of their skin and their language etc.
c. He has been prepared for this very moment through the vision he previously had.

God is far more in control of our lives than we perhaps realise. He is pushing us, prompting us and preparing us all for the development of His story. Friend, you are in the will of God today.
Today, GO, take every opportunity, this is your moment.

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