Acts 10: 29
“So when I was sent for, I came without raising any objection. May I ask why you sent for me?”

Peter came because of the vision. That was the sole reason. God had spoken to him. God had shown him how prejudiced he had become within the Jewish culture. God had changed and prepared his heart so that when the invitation was received he immediately travelled to their home.
When God speaks, however He speaks, it is wise to be ready to do what He has told you. It will lead to an amazing opportunity.
Now Peter wants to know if they too had a similar experience. He knew for them to ask him to come was a big ask. Why was this? What is God doing in this household?
Here we are watching Peter come to the realisation that he is in the middle of the plan of God.
There is nothing more beautiful than knowing that you are an instrument in Gods hands. That He has you where you are. That He has been manoeuvring situations and circumstances, fitting it altogether for His glory and that you are part of that amazing plan! Take a deep breath today, enjoy this moment, He has been working on you for this day. There may just be an incredible opportunity today that reveals this.

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