Acts 11:3
“and said, “You went into the house of uncircumcised men and ate with them.”

To eat with a person shows that there was a special closeness in that culture. This was the offence. Peter had got too close to the non-Jew. He had compromised himself and offended his fellow Jew.
If you can be offended you will be.
It is easy to be offended if you have more rules.
Offence builds a fence of division.
There is a fence around some churches. There is no gate or a door. Just a barrier between the church and the community.
Every week churches one their buildings to pray for the hundreds and thousands that gather within a few miles circumference of their building. Th prayer is “God bring the, in.”
Why would the community want to come into the church? Why would the homosexual come to the church? Why would the immoral, the wayward, the sinner want to climb the offence that has been built? Why would they want to come to be with the body of Christ who says they love the, but they must change before they begin to be accepted?
When did the body of Christ stop becoming the offence for the sinner before a holy God?
It was the day the church began to worship the cross instead of being on it.

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