Get Up

Get Up

Acts 11:7
“Then I heard a voice telling me, ‘Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.'”

When you move to look into what God is showing you then you are going to position yourself to also hear Him speak to you.
And what was the message? It was to move again. Get up.
God moves and He calls us to move.
To the paralysed, ‘Get up’.
You might be incapable but move and see that you are more than capable.

To the man with the shrivelled hand, ‘Get up’ and stretch out your hand.
You may feel your best days are over but move and you will see everything restored.

To the dead young man in his coffin, ‘Get up’.
Things may be dead but move and they will be resurrected.

To the sleeping disciples, ‘Get up’ and pray.
You may have slipped away from where you should be but move and you will be reconnected to God.

To Peter, ‘Get up’, move and kill that prejudice.

With this command comes the ability to do just that.

I have seen those in self-pity get up, those who used to have passion for Jesus get up, those who gave away their potential get up, those paralysed by a stronghold in their life get up, those in the grip of guilt and self-condemnation get up.

This seems to be the constant call of the Spirit: GET UP.
God is the God of the resurrection.

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