The push and pull of heaven

The push and pull of heaven

Acts 11:10
“This happened three times, and then it was pulled up to heaven again.”

The sheet comes down full of creatures. It comes from heaven, pushed out of heaven not because it has been expelled but rather it has been commissioned. There is a push of heaven that forces revelation and inspiration for the transformation of the person. My children are adults now. They no longer need me to push them on the swing. This is the joy of any parent who always shouts ‘hold on’ whilst they push the child forward. If they do not hold on the force of pushing could cause the child to wobble and even fall off the swing.
Here comes the push. ‘Hold on’ is the unspoken voice. ‘Get up kill and eat these unclean creatures’. Hold on. Trust me. This is going to cause you to wobble and be uncertain but hang on in there, I am doing a new thing.
What new thing is God pushing towards you or indeed pushing you towards?

Peter wrestles and he wobbles and the exchange lasts three times and then …

Peter sees the unclean creatures go back to where they came from, to heaven.
It was only ever going to be for awhile. Heaven loans earth the sheet, this canopy, it has come down to Peter like a tabernacle resting where he was. Peter looks into that sheet and has this amazing experience but now heaven wants it back.
There is a pull of heaven. A magnetic force pulling whoever belongs to him.
Jesus came and tabernacled amongst us. The invitation was to take a look and engage with him. He became unclean for you and me. He took on the sin of the world. The world rose and killed him. The sacrifice was paid and the resurrection proved it. But then the pull of ascension took place.
Jesus went back to heaven. He always knew he had to return.
Isaiah said that God’s word would not return to Him empty of what it had been sent for.
The pull of heaven.
God is forever drawing you to His side. Heaven wants earth. God wants you. His desire is so strong for you. You may be unclean in the eyes of the righteous but His love draws you to Him.
How is God pulling you towards Him? Is it for solitude? Is it for rest? Do you know that pull, that strong desire from heaven for you to go higher? Do you know that today is the day to come away from the earthly things, from the limited and contained, to the impossible opportunities set before you?
There is a time to go low in humility of service, to the dusty earth, this is missions. May God until Christ is pushed again from heaven continually by His Spirit push us to the needy, to those who are blind and lost, who need a Saviour, who need Jesus.
There is a time to go higher. To take out eyes off this world and to look to Him. May God continue to pull us towards Him, where we recognise that the most important thing is not only missions on the earth but the worship of Him in heaven.

This is the push and pull of heaven.

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