Remembering what was said

Remembering what Jesus said

Acts 11:16
“Then I remembered what the Lord had said: ‘John baptised with water, but you will be baptised with the Holy Spirit.’

Some are contained by what others have said to them.
The words entered their very soul and destabilised their balance of life.
Today they respond according to what was cursed on them. Their yes or their no is filtered through that curse that came from an enemy and even a loved one.
Why is this so?
They chose to remember what was said. In their remembrance they replayed those words time and again in their minds until they became conditioned by this pattern.
This is not rocket science, no one needs a degree to realise how true this is. You may even be that person today.

What do you remember today? How is that helping you?
Peter remembered what Jesus had said about the Holy Spirit coming on people and it helped him process what was happening.
I have a Good News Bible that I won at the Keswick Bible week children’s meeting for my skill in memory Bible verses. What a claim to fame that is?!
In my early years of ministry I would run many holiday clubs for children, they all involved memory Bible verse games.
Most churches still do this kind of thing. But only for children.
In fact what happens when these children become adults and maybe even before that, is that they stop memorising what God has said in the Bible.
The result of this is that adults cannot recollect much of what the Bible and in particular what God has said.
They do not recollect because there is a famine of the reading of the Bible amongst the Christian family. Muslims and Jews learn their Scriptures but not Christians. We don’t learn because we don’t read.
This daily blog started many years ago after a survey conducted by LICC said that only a minority of my members read the Bible. I was so concerned that I began to write a daily blog from the Bible to introduce my members to the Bible and how it can help their day. Approximately 80% of the church signed up for this daily blog. I didn’t want them to be people who remembered what man said about them but what God said. I wanted them to be guided in their life by what Jesus said.
When I left the Church I continued. I have wrote a Bible blog and posted it on the Internet every day for 10 years. I’m not sure exactly how many read it. It goes on to a few social media sites and people access it from many countries. Why do I do this every day?
For the simple fact that I believe remembering what God says in the Bible is the most important thing in your life.
I too have been plagued by the words of people in my life and it does limit you if not careful, but I know the victory that comes from remembering what Christ has said. If I can keep encouraging people to daily have time in the Bible then it’s the best thing I can do.

Peter was able to move forward in this move of God, he could recognise it as such, even though it ran against his cultural and learned experience. He did this because he remembered what Christ had said.

The reason why you read the Bible is to memorise it so that at some point when the test comes you can remember it. Just like you did as a child perhaps. Just like I did.

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