Acts 11: 25

“Then Barnabas went to Tarsus to look for Saul,”
In the middle of such joy of seeing many come to the Lord, Barnabas remembered Saul. 

Saul had been sent to Tarsus for his own protection. He was hiding away. Unseen but not forgotten.

Barnabas went to look for him. It means he searched until he saw him. He wasn’t going to give up until he found him. 

Sometimes it is not just about going that is important. It is about the struggle of searching for the right person. If you want to be involved in the mission of God then it will take not just your effort, but your time, money and resources. There are some who are unseen, they are in preparation for what is to come. Tarsus the city of great learning, a hub of Roman power, of trade, where Saul would get his cloth for his tent making business. Saul/Paul was temporarily here but it was time. It was time to emerge. It was time to do something with all he had learned. He had been sent away now it was a time to call him back. Barnabas was focused to get the hidden man back to being the mission man. He didn’t know how much this man would influence the world. We never do. We just obey. We go to every individual not knowing. But God knows. 

Don’t give up. Don’t slow down. Keep up the struggle and you will find who you are looking for. The next influencer. The next preacher, missionary, church planter, politician, business man, the list goes on and on. If you would only search. 

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