Arrest is not to be feared

Arrest is not to be feared


Acts 12:1

“It was about this time that King Herod arrested some who belonged to the church, intending to persecute them.”


This Herod is Herod Agrippa, he was the grandson of Herod the King and the nephew of Herod Tetrarch. Which goes to show that some evils remain within families. Herod the Great wanted to kill Jesus when he was born and Herod Tetrarch was instrumental in the handing of Jesus over for crucifixion.

It makes sense then that Herod Agrippa would follow suit and arrest some believers with the intention of persecution.

If it happened to Jesus it will happen to his followers.

We get alarmed about the rising tide of persecution and all that is happening to Christians.

On my mind is the capture of Jeff Woodke one week ago today in Abalak, Niger. This American YWAM missionary was abducted by Al-Qaeda and no one knows where he is. He has a wife and 2 adult children and we pray for him and them today.

But I could write a list of people who are suffering in similar situations.

I weep with these stories.

Yet let us remember what happened to Jesus.

It will happen to us. We will be arrested. We will be stopped and we will be persecuted. Well, ‘some’ of us.

And if Jesus’ capture and persecution and death wasn’t in vain and in fact brought a greater result because of his death then I truly believe that the capture, persecution and death of his followers will also result in the same powerful result.

Let the enemy arrest all that he wants but it will only serve a greater more powerful purpose. The enemy never wins. He is a defeated enemy.

He may ‘intend’ to persecute but that intention sits in the hand of God’s purpose. Purpose trumps intention every time!




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