The enemy cannot snatch what hasn’t already been given.

Acts 12:3

“When he saw that this pleased the Jews, he proceeded to seize Peter also. This happened during the Feast of Unleavened Bread.”
God’s chosen people, the Jews, were pleased that the chosen disciple of Jesus was killed. This pleased the political leader, Herod.
Be very concerned when religion and politics come together in alignment. Not all unity and alliances are signs that God is blessing. In fact the mixture of religion and politics within church has led to many closures and if they haven’t closed they have abandoned their mission.
This was the desire of Herod, that the mission of the Christians would be abandoned even before it had begun. So Peter was seized. He was taken away just like James had, his future was bleak, he wasn’t going to come back, this was his moment to follow Jesus to death.
Then we are told it was during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Wow! How incredibly beautiful is this?! Let me explain.
This Feast lasted 7 days, it commemorated Gods people exiting from Egypt. The evening after the Passover, God told the Hebrews to leave quickly, to not even allow their bread to rise, but to grab whatever they could and to run. God had said, “Don’t even let any leaven touch the dough, take the bread even though unleavened and go quickly.” That’s what they did. They escaped to the land God had promised them.
To commemorate this act the Jews would for 7 days sweep their homes of even yeast dust as they remember how the exodus was shocking, quick and impacting.
Now back to our verse …
In the middle of this feast the Jews were celebrating the sudden exit of the chosen people and at the same time, Peter, the chosen disciple of Jesus was suddenly and immediately taken away from the church. Peter was seized for death, he was facing the Promised Land, heaven.
Can you see the connection?
The point is that there are always signs from God to tell us He is always in control.

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