Is there someone at the door?

Is there someone at the door?


Acts 12:13

“Peter knocked at the outer entrance, and a servant girl named Rhoda came to answer the door.”


Rhoda the servant girl of Mary. She was used to obeying her mistress. Tonight her task was to watch the outer entrance. Inside a special prayer meeting was taking place. With the doors locked, tension was in the air as the Christians gathered not knowing how big the persecution would be and whether Peter would die tomorrow or not. Rhoda was unaware that night that the most important place was not only in the prayer meeting but at the outer entrance.

Rhoda was ready.

Many years ago I had just come out of bible college and in my church I had a dear old man called Harry. He was my doorman. I appointed him as doorman because he had the nicest smile and the most welcoming handshake. He took his job seriously, this was his place, God wanted him at the door. The only problem I had was I never knew if he would actually turn up to do the job, well not for certain anyway. When I asked him ‘Harry are you going to be on the door on Sunday?’ He would reply ‘Yes God willing’ or even ‘Yes DV’ (which I later found out meant the same thing!) However, there was no greater doorman than Harry.

Let me ask you this.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to receive the provision of God? Are you ready to welcome what God wants to give you? If he knocks on the door will you go near to open it?

Are you a doorman, a doorwoman? Are you ready?

Are you listening? Are you waiting in anticipation? Maybe Rhoda wasn’t anticipating, but she heard. She heard the door knock.

Can you hear it today?

I stand at the door and knock ….


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