Hand signals

Hand signals

Acts 12:17

 “Peter motioned with his hand for them to be quiet and described how the Lord had brought him out of prison. “Tell James and the brothers about this,” he said, and then he left for another place.”
There was so much noise. The place was full of incredulous excitement at the news that God had answered the prayers of the church, Peter was indeed amongst them!
It was so noisy that Peter had to use a hand signal to quieten them down. Can you picture this? I wonder if Peter put his hand horizontally across his throat in a cutting action. I know it’s not a nice motion but it’s effective. Or what about a more sedate hands been pushed down to indicate the volume needs to go down. Or was it simply a vertical finger against his mouth?
Hand signals are great aren’t they?!
I don’t think I have ever spent a devotional time thinking about hand signals! And before I go completely off track as my brain tends to do, what Peter was trying to do was to get the church to shut up.
I like that message.
I love the loudness of church, the music, the dancing, the excitement, don’t get me wrong I am definitely a clapper and a toe-dancer, in fact get me into Africa and the white man becomes something else altogether!
But sometimes I just want to give the Church a hand signal!
Sometimes I just want the noise to stop, I don’t want the loud promotions of what the church are going to do next, I want quietness, I want to listen to the sound of silence.
Like right now. I am awake, it is very dark, everyone is asleep, it is me and I know God is here, my Bible is open and I quieten the voices tempting me to open emails, or to look at my list of things to do, I glue myself to my chair and I remain in quietness.
I am ready for the explanations of life to begin.
Speak Lord.
This is a word for you today, “Shut up” and I motion with my hand and you can make it up what hand signal I am using!

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