This is how it works: the devil attacks, God saves, the devil loses.

This is how it works: the devil attacks, God saves, the devil loses.

Acts 12:19

“After Herod had a thorough search made for him and did not find him, he cross-examined the guards and ordered that they be executed. Then Herod went from Judea to Caesarea and stayed there a while.”
Some people if they do not get their own way, they will throw their toys out of the pram and either move into destruction mode and then run away or do both.
It is exactly what the devil does.
Herod was outwitted by a move of God. Every thing God does demonstrated that the enemy is not as clever or as powerful as he makes himself out to be. God embarrasses the devil every time. We serve an intimidating God. The devil has to destroy, he is a destroyer and even if it means destroying his own workers he will do so.
God is capable of freeing you but He is more interested in destroying the work of that enemy in your life. Let the enemy implode holding onto the chains that once held you!
Once he implodes he will run from you, he is confused by you. For he once had you in his grip, he was going to destroy you, but you escaped from his clutches and your freedom placed a death sentence on him. Let him run.
And can you see what it says at the end of this verse? “…for awhile.”
He will come back at some point and he will strike again. That is the walk of faith we signed up for.
But again we will win and the devil will lose.
That is the full time score!

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