The Advent – the God who has chosen you!

We are staying on the same verse as yesterday, I don’t want to move from it because it is so important!

Acts 13: 17

The God of the people of Israel chose our ancestors; he made the people prosper during their stay in Egypt; with mighty power he led them out of that country”

 He chose the ancestors of our faith and He has chosen you. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were thankfully people who were very human and who sinned, they were not perfect, but He chose them.

The Kings, Prophets and Priests lived lives with a mixture of godliness and sinfulness, but He chose them.

The 12 disciples were a mixed bunch of people who really tried their best but who were by and large failures and loud-mouths, but he chose them.

You may not feel very chosen. You may even feel you are more like Zechariah who was chosen by a lottery, by chance and even an accident perhaps, but he went into the temple which then kick-started his experience of God at the Advent.

Circumstances and feelings vary, you may doubt it at times, but He has chosen you!

The word ‘chosen’ means to select, by a deliberate choice with a definite outcome.

When the angel went to Mary to tell her he had chosen her he used the words ‘highly favoured’. The word is ‘Charitoo’, it means ‘a once in all role’.

Mary was deliberately chosen for a once in all history role.

There was no one else like her.




She was amazed, she could hardly believe it.

When Paul says in Ephesians 1:6 “his glorious grace which He has given us.” He used the same word ‘Charitoo’.

This Advent know this: His coming tells us we worship a God who is forever choosing. He chose His one and only Son to come to a world that He had already chosen. He chose the characters of the Bible and we have these incredible stories that shape our lives.

And He has chosen us because of the Advent of Christ.

We have been given a once in all role.

There is no one like you.



People are alike but they are not the same.

Where you are, where you live, what your story is, there is no one like you.

God has chosen you!


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